Michał Kwaśniewski


About me

  • I specialize in income taxes, restructuring, and international tax law.
  • I advised on the design of domestic and international financing structures and investments or their reorganization, as well as asset & share deals in the real estate market.
  • I have extensive experience in carrying out withholding tax and Mandatory Disclosure Rules audits and the possibility of taking advantage of tax reliefs and exemptions (R&D tax relief, IP BOX, the Polish Holding Company tax regime, Estonian CIT, etc.).
  • I support clients in organizing tax processes in the company in the scope of tax strategy, internal tax supervision framework, creating and adapting tax procedures or preparing the organization to enter cooperative compliance mechanisms.
  • I have several years of experience in tax and legal advisory gained in the largest consulting companies.


  • I graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.
  • Attorney at the Warsaw Bar Association.


  • Transactions: advisory on transactions which exceeded EUR 1 billion in value in the previous year alone.
  • Reorganizations: designing and implementation several dozen reorganizations of ownership structures for capital groups and individual clients (mergers, divisions, contributions in kind, share exchanges, and other reorganization activities as well as restructuring of structures based on Polish and foreign investment funds, foreign investment vehicles or trusts).
  • Financing: leading several dozen processes based on refinancing or reorganization of financial structures for Polish and foreign clients for a total amount exceeding EUR 2 billion.
  • Withholding tax: advisory on securing the effectiveness of cash flows and withholding tax payments.
  • Tax inspections and tax proceedings: representing taxpayers before administrative authorities and courts in the field of tax refunds.
  • Real Estate: providing tax services for several dozen purchase and sale transactions of investment real estate intended for the construction of logistics parks, office and retail buildings as well as facilities for institutional housing lease (Private Rented Sector).
  • Tax function: several dozen tax procedures, tax strategies, and documentation to arrange and structure properly the processes and tax function for clients as part of tax governance projects.
  • MDR: conducting several dozen projects in the scope of fulfilling the obligations of providing information on tax schemes (MDR) based on MDR audits, designing and implementing MDR procedures, and supported the management by participating in MDR committees within the organizational structures of clients.