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Quidea is a tax consulting company. We support clients in all areas of tax advisory to ensure their tax security. Quality and solutions that optimally meet the client’s needs are our priority.


Magdalena Jaworska Tax Advisor and Legal Advisor

“Tax law is one of the most rapidly changing areas of law. However, we keep our hand on the pulse all the time, having supported both entrepreneurs and industry organizations for more than a dozen years. We transform the experience we have gained into creating a unique place for our clients, where quality and unique solutions are paramount values. Hence our name QUIDEA referring precisely to QUALITY and IDEA.”

Magdalena JaworskaPartner

“Quidea was established so that we could customize providing services to the needs and expectations of clients in the best way possible because we want to build long-term business relationships in line with our values. The current tax environment is very demanding. So on the one hand, a professional tax advisor must prove flexible in showing the company how to meet legal requirements while remembering that business is the most important, and on the other hand, show increased vigilance that guarantees an appropriate level of security.”

Agnieszka WnukPartner

“We didn’t just want a team of the best specialists in complementary consulting areas. We also wanted people who trust each other and who simply like being around each other, both in the office and in their private lives.”

Michał KwaśniewskiPartner


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