Tax safety and compliance

Communication with the tax office – audits and others

Proper communication with the tax office from the very beginning is key in a tax audit. We will help your company to properly prepare in advance so that the questions and calls of the inspectors will not come as a surprise. We will tell you what to expect, explain the entrepreneur’s rights, and any other areas we perceive as particularly sensitive. We will take care of your company throughout the entire inspection and procedure process until the case is completed. 

Tax security

“Tax advantage” is a term misused by everyone who deals with taxes. We hear it in courtrooms, read it in decisions, judgments, and in tax articles.  This is because tax auditors currently verify not only tax calculations and their compliance with the regulations, but also the economic justification of business decisions. Every year, the regulations are “enriched” with new clauses against tax avoidance and evasion, which the tax authorities are more and more willing to use.  It’s worth finding out what the situation of your company is from this perspective. This may be particularly important, e.g. after a change of ownership or a change of management.

ESG in taxes and tax strategy

Each year brings new reporting obligations. If not Mandatory Disclosure Rules reporting, there are new obligations in the field of payments, tax strategy, or ESG. We know how to fulfill them (almost 😊) painlessly.

Mandatory disclosure rules

If there was competition among Polish tax advisors for the most-hated abbreviation, as of 2019, MDR would have the first place in the ranking. Today, MDR have become somewhat commonplace, but the obligations must be fulfilled because things can be unpleasant, especially since the pandemic break reporting deadlines are coming up fast. We will help you manage this area in your company in a friendly way.  Our Partners have managed numerous projects aimed at identifying tax schemes (MDR audit) and implementing MDR procedures. Members of our team also conducted several dozen trainings, lectures, and workshops on MDR regulations.  We conduct MDR projects in a way that takes into account the needs and organizational culture of the client.  We have unique know-how on the application of MDR regulations. We participated in the works of the MDR Forum and working teams conducted at the level of the Polish Ministry of Finance.


New e-invoicing rules in Poland will enter into force in 2024. It is a real challenge and requires the involvement of various departments in the company. We help clients go through this process efficiently.

Business in foreign markets

Are you planning to expand abroad by setting up a company, branch, or representative office in another country? Do you have foreign contractors with whom you do business 100% from Poland? In both cases, it is worth making sure of the tax consequences.

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