Taxes in digital

Tax laws are not keeping pace with new business models, mostly related to the digital economy. We keep up with the development of the practice and new ideas for regulating taxation in the digital industry, also at the international level. Let’s talk if you want to know what to expect.


Do you run an online store or plan to sell via the Internet? Do you operate using the marketplace platform? We will take care of your tax security in Poland and abroad.

Tax relief

Do you work in research or development? Getting revenue from IP? Are you planning a foreign expansion or acquisition? See what tax incentives you are entitled to.


Do you run a business and don’t want to pay tax until you withdraw profits from your company? Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to pay a lower income tax in Poland? The so-called Estonian CIT is a young solution designed for companies run by natural persons – without a revenue limit. In the face of the burdens introduced by the government’s so-called Polish Order (although unfortunately, it has nothing to do with order), it is worth considering the tax benefits.

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