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Tax administration – audits and others

Proper communication with the tax office from the very beginning is key in a tax audit. We will help your company to properly prepare in advance so that the questions and calls of the inspectors will not come as a surprise. We will tell you what to expect, explain the entrepreneur’s rights, and any other areas we perceive as particularly sensitive. We will take care of your company throughout the entire inspection and procedure process until the case is completed.

Tax relief

Do you work in research or development? Getting revenue from IP? Are you planning a foreign expansion or acquisition? See what tax incentives you are entitled to.


Does your company finance itself with debt? Interest rates are rising and tax laws will not budge – there are limits on funding that can be included in the income tax calculation and other restrictions. We will help you deal with them.

Real estate

We have been working for the commercial real estate industry for several years and have completed several dozen large transactions from A to Z. We also know the issues related to current settlements.

Supply chains

Do you supply goods, conduct complex multi-stage transactions? We will guide you through their tax consequences step by step and show you what you should pay special attention to.

Tax capital group – consolidating settlements in a group

Does your company operate in a group of companies in Poland? Check if it’s not more profitable to settle jointly – a tax capital group is a tax tool that, when properly implemented, yields evident and less evident benefits. Let’s see together if it’s a good solution for your company.

Joint settlement in a VAT group

The VAT group is a relatively new tax tool for Polish capital groups that allows for simplifying VAT settlements and increasing their efficiency. The solution is particularly interesting for groups where there is a business exempt from VAT (with a limited scope of VAT deduction). However, it is a tax tool that may be of interest to other entities that want to improve cash flow in group transactions or reduce administrative and documentation obligations. 

Withholding tax

Do you pay interest, dividends, or royalties to foreign contractors? What about remuneration for services? The saga on changes to the Polish withholding tax (WHT) regulations seems to be endless, but we are up to date ? and we know what and how to do it safely.

Taxes and liquidity

Payment of taxes affects liquidity, this is obvious. We know when regulations allow you to influence when and how much tax to pay. This is especially important if only in crisis situations, such as those related to a pandemic, interruption of the supply chain or insolvency of contractors.

Mandatory disclosure rules

If there was competition among Polish tax advisors for the most-hated abbreviation, as of 2019, MDR would have the first place in the ranking. Today, MDR have become somewhat commonplace, but the obligations must be fulfilled because things can be unpleasant, especially since the pandemic break reporting deadlines are coming up fast. We will help you manage this area in your company in a friendly way.  Our Partners have managed numerous projects aimed at identifying tax schemes (MDR audit) and implementing MDR procedures. Members of our team also conducted several dozen trainings, lectures, and workshops on MDR regulations.  We conduct MDR projects in a way that takes into account the needs and organizational culture of the client.  We have unique know-how on the application of MDR regulations. We participated in the works of the MDR Forum and working teams conducted at the level of the Polish Ministry of Finance.


For several years, we have been trusted tax advisors to companies from the leasing industry and industry organizations operating in this market. We advise on transactions involving various leasing objects: from real estate, through technological lines, machine parks, and vehicles. We stand out due to our unique experience and comprehensive approach to transactions for your company, we can also ensure the security of tax settlements.

Estonian CIT

Do you run a business and don’t want to pay tax until you withdraw profits from your company? Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to pay a lower income tax in Poland? The so-called Estonian CIT is a young solution designed for companies run by natural persons – without a revenue limit. In the face of the burdens introduced by the government’s so-called Polish Order (although unfortunately, it has nothing to do with order), it is worth considering the tax benefits.


New e-invoicing rules in Poland will enter into force in 2024. It is a real challenge and requires the involvement of various departments in the company. We help clients go through this process efficiently.

Business in foreign markets

Are you planning to expand abroad by setting up a company, branch, or representative office in another country? Do you have foreign contractors with whom you do business 100% from Poland? In both cases, it is worth making sure of the tax consequences.

Taxation of individuals – business owners and management

After taxing the corporate income tax of the limited partnership and the introduction of the so-called Polish Order (or rather disorder), nothing is simple anymore. Lump sum? IP Box? Contract of employment?  Don’t walk through the minefield alone – let us guide you ?

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