Does your company finance itself with debt? Interest rates are rising and tax laws will not budge – there are limits on funding that can be included in the income tax calculation and other restrictions. We will help you deal with them.

How we help

  • We will indicate if and when financial costs can be included in the tax calculation and in what category of income (basket). 
  • We will help your company maintain tax efficiency for currency financing and plan the optimal repayment schedule. 
  • We will help you calculate the limits of debt financing costs and confirm the marketability of the applied remuneration levels for the use of group financing. 
  • We will indicate what should be confirmed with a foreign financing company to secure the possibility of taking advantage of the preferential rules for collecting withholding tax, and to determine – in the case of related entities – a possible obligation for the Polish debtor to collect, the so-called tax on shifted income. 
  • We will support the legal and financial departments in negotiating tax-safe contractual provisions.

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